18 Aug

All the book lovers out there who loved to be engrossed in books and spend their leisure time in library, might not always get the time to follow their passion all the time, as it gets tricky when you try to keep a book with you at all times. For them, kindle has emerged as a knight in shining armor, to save them from despair. However, what happens when the one thing you rely on the most starts to throw tantrums at you? One such problem faced by kindle owners is their kindle stops charging. It can be nerve breaking for some who cannot afford to be without their kindle. In such cases, Kindle Tech Support proves to the life support. However, if you intent to solve this problem on your own, then we have some tricks. Just follow the instruction and you may have your loving kindle back to normal.

Steps To Follow

  • Rebooting- You can try to reboot your device. By doing this it will restart your kindle and can solve many problems like that. Just hold the power button for 20 seconds. Wait for few seconds and then again press the power button to see if it turns on or not. If later is the case then connect the charger to the kindle and wait for few minutes before turning it on.

  • Better Means Of Charging- You can use a fast charging adopter or else use a Micro USB Cable from the box to charge directly from the power outlet. If you use a charger which is not meant for Kindle, then it may create this issue.

  • Inspect Micro USB Power Port- Sometimes, even the port could be faulty. The USB port for charging might get damaged in some way. Then, it fails to establish any contact with the USB cable. Any amount of energy will fail to charge the device.You should then take help from Kindle Support and visit Kindle store nearby.

  • Faulty Power Outlet- Circumstances may arrive, when the power outlet attached to the wall could be faulty. In such cases you may have to get the socket repaired.

If you are done with all these steps and are still not satisfied or could not make out the reason of charging failure then, do seek assistance from the experts at Kindle Customer Support Australia Helpline Number +(61)-283173511 and be provided with the best advice and assistance. They provide services 24*7, so do not feel alone and helpless at any hour of the day.

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